2018 Beverages

Authentic Imports and Great Local Craft Beer, Cider and Wine!

Since it’s rebirth in 2010, Oktoberfest has developed a tradition of bringing you fine imported Oktoberfest beers just like those served in Munich, as well as our outstanding locally-brewed craft beers and ciders.

McClelland Imports

Cannery Brewing (Local)

Highway 97 Brewery (Local)

Amber Ale

A balanced beer with a ratio of sweet bready malt flavour with hints of toffee to hop notes showing a subtle nutty finish. At only 28 IBU and 5.4% alcohol, the colour of this Amber Ale is lighter than expected keeping with the motivation behind this sessionable beer. An honest Amber beer that most will thoroughly enjoy.  ABV: 5.4 . IBU: 28

Okanagan Fresh Fruit Hefeweizen

This traditional Hefeweizen has a rich golden colour, is mildly cloudy like a good Hefe should be and offers a light creamy Okanagan fruit mix finish. Made with real whole fruit, this light tasting beer is the ideal summer patio beer and is perfect entertaining.   ABV: 4.5 . IBU: 10

Summerland Heritage Cider (Local)

Hester Creek Winery