A 3 piece Oompa-pa dance band who have been performing professionally for approximately 30 years and have been popular at Oktoberfest for the last few years!

Their favorite time of the year is Oktoberfest! Not only will you enjoy the great traditional oompa-pa music and famed German drinking songs, the audience will be entertained with visual effects and Oktoberfest fun, such as yodeling and beer drinking contests! The Beerbarrels create a spontaneous party atmosphere where both the audience and the band enjoy themselves

The Alpen Plattlers
An enthusiastic group who enjoy German Bavarian Schuhplattler dance based in Vancouver Canada. Many of the members have been dancing since childhood having toured Germany and Austria in 2000 and 2005. Members drive to keep Schuhplattler dance alive and have fun doing it. While what brings us together is dance, we are also a social group who enjoy doing activities together.

Schuhplattler is a traditional style of dance from the alpine regions of Germany and Austria. Schuhplattler is best known for the dancing where men wear lederhosen and hit their legs, feet (and sometimes each other) in time with the music. Many dances tell a story of alpine life and often involve a bit of mischief. Women dance in their dirndl costumes adding their part to the story. See Schuhplattler to learn more.