Penticton Oktoberfest


The Penticton Oktoberfest Committee received some good news from the Penticton Hospitality Association that will allow the group to pursue the goal of growing the popular event in to a two-day cultural gathering!

Since the beginning, the organizers of the Oktoberfest event wanted to see it turn into a two-day festival that showcases Bavarian culture, cuisine, music and, of course, beer”, says President Adolf Steffen. “In recent years, the event has basically sold out to locals and we believe we can grow the event in to a two-day festival if we can attract visitors to the city”.

With the financial support of the PHA, Penticton Oktoberfest organizers will test the plan by marketing the 2016 event to near-in markets that should bring overnight visitors. Similar to Fest of Ale, the committee will work with local accommodators to create weekend packages that are affordable, attractive and all inclusive in an attempt to grow event attendance, boost hotel sales and establish the frame work that warrants adding the additional day.

The Penticton Oktoberfest will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the Penticton Trade & Convention Centre Oktoberfest hotel packages will be available at partner hotels for as low as $99/couple!

The Oktoberfest folks wish to grow their event into a two-day cultural festival – that can only mean great things for Penticton. We will always support events with a great vision and solid plan” says Barb Haynes, President of the Penticton Hospitality Association. “Using this marketing money, Oktoberfest should attract incremental visits for the city and that is exactly our mandate at the PHA”.


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